About (Sobre)

Hola, bienvenido a mi blog “Imperio y Sus Ruinas”!

In this blog I will be talking about many of the components of empire and what they invoke within society which have pushed me to consider how this world we live in has been transformed by them, especially considering the borders we have placed in a physical and universal way. As a Hispanic myself, born and raised in Mexico, I have come to learn that I have acquired a unique way of viewing myself not only as a Mexican, but as an American. Having two identities and citizenships have put me in tough and uncomfortable situations but have most importantly opened me up to viewing my surroundings and the world with different perspectives. I personally feel stuck in the middle, sometimes being too biased towards one identity in comparison to the other another, and my goal is to be able to find that balance. I am in a gray area most of the time where I am  not one or the other but a combination of both, just like Hugh Glass in The Revenant and Zitkala-Sa a Sioux writer and activist who underwent similar struggles I myself identify with. The idea of borders, boundaries, walls, frontiers and borderlands themselves offer so much to talk about and have personally ignited me to want to revisit the past and consider where I stand in today’s present world.

*Note to reader: Some of the sources and articles I hyperlink to are in Spanish. I tried to incorporate a bit of my culture and language to this blog because I wanted different perspectives and be inclusive despite the difficulties it might cause.