Proliferating Thoughts About Writing on Empire and Its Ruins

It is incredible to come and think about how relatable discussing empire and its ruins is in the present day. No matter what form these discussions take, whether they be in essays or in blogs there are many ways in which I connect talking about the Inca Empire, Shakespeare, and India in the 19th and 20th century. Although the larger focus on this course is based off past experiences people have had there are always ways in which I can personally link to a social or political aspect of today.

I think that something that I enjoy about writing in blogs overall is the freedom that I am given to develop these thoughts and connect them to the present day. Something that I am very passionate about is discussing Latinos and adversity faced in today’s America and try to bring it up in my blogs. Talking about the limitations imposed on us and relating to how that goes hand and hand with empire. There are so many places to go with themes of language being a tool to empire which can also work against it like a double-edged sword. I believe that this quarter although not so much in sync with the fall quarter still has expanded on ideas of what empire does, which is suppress people in a sense but I am still able to relate it to my writing and use it as a way to develop my thinking as humanities writer.

Some of the difficulties that I have personally faced this quarter have been finding good articles to discuss and link to in both essays and in my blog. Integrating evidence is meant to make essays and blogs stronger and more credible but sometimes I feel like there isn’t a lot of purpose in adding them or at least not in my case because I don’t do such a great job at doing it. Finding articles is so much harder than one would actually think, especially as a humanities core student. I know that essentially it prepares us for more research-oriented writing projects but I find it to be more of a hassle than a learning experience. I have not done such a great job at talking about them appropriately and in a sense it is discouraging and frustrating overall.

Although I feel like the essays are getting harder because they require us to integrate more sources and to research the topic in depth, the essay prompts themselves have been more intriguing than in the past quarters. I find myself more interested in the topics and specifics that I chose and that we have discussed about this quarter like the Inca empire and language as part of empire. My blogs on the other side have been more of a challenge even though I have more freedom to pick and chose what I want to discuss. I felt myself struggling more to figure out how to come up with interesting and relatable topics than in the past quarter. My experience with the blog was way more enjoyable last quarter and I certainly don’t think I have improved my content as much I wish I have done. I really felt myself stumbling across this dilemma of finding an appropriate academic unbiased voice in them because I felt like a lot was opinion based and not as deep as I wanted it to be or make it sound. My essays on the other hand were a much better learning experience because I’ve learned that I work better when I’m pressured to have a much more formal voice and discussion in these large writing assignments.

I have found especially interesting discussing language as a tool to empire. That theme resonated the most with me this quarter and I think that if anything it made me more eager to talk about it in relation to my essays with academic texts and in my blogs with the modern world. There is so much to discuss in terms of using language and analyzing how people have used it in the past and continue to use it in the present to affect people, and how I personally have the right and privilege to use it to talk about the empire I live in today. Never have words and language seemed so powerful to me in the years that I have been in school. There is honestly so much that humanities core brings to the table and makes us thoroughly analyze. I have certainly enjoyed this roller-coaster experience because I know that in the long-run I will have had only been helping myself figure out as a writer.

Overall something that I took away from the various texts that we read, whether they were books, letters, personal and historical accounts, or plays was the larger theme of colonization. The dynamic between the conqueror versus the conquered and the language they brought used as a double-edged sword working greatly towards and against empire shaped my way of thinking about empire. The colonizers imposing their language overall was what resonated the most in the readings and lectures. Empire when it colonized brought language allowing for many things to occur within it. What I mainly took away from this quarter was understanding that there are alternative ways of seeing and discussing empire. Everything is produced with a specific purpose in mind within empire according to how individuals experience and interpret it through their chosen lenses and understanding this was the epicenter to this quarter to me as a reader and writer.



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